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Building a greener and self sufficient India.

We are on a mission to building a self sustaining and self sufficient India.

India's energy and food sectors are heavily import dependent. Crude oil import (USD 550 Billion), urea import (USD 5 Billion) and urea subsidy (USD 15 Billion) are a burden for our nation. Furthermore, both - fuel and fertilizer are fossil fuel derivatives. Our motivation stems from using green innovations in core technologies to make India Atma-Nirbhar in its fuel and fertilizer consumption.

We are setting up an ethanol plant and a nano fertilizer plant. Ethanol under the EBP Program of Govt of India will help save USD 5 Billion in crude oil imports. The waste CO2 produced in the ethanol manufacturing process will be used to produce nano nitrogen fertilizer via our proprietary carbon sequestration technology. Nano nitrogen fertilizer can eliminate India's urea import bill by USD 5 Billion and also help reduce the subsidy bill. This integration of using ethanol's by product (CO2) for fertilizer production will be the first of its kind in the world.

About Us

CO2 sequestration based Nitrogen Fertilizer Production Plant

Nano Nitrogen Fertilizers

220 KLD Grain Based Distillery

Ethanol Plant

Nano Nitrogen Fertilisers

Green Urea®

Technical Urea manufactured through carbon sequestration technologies.

GreeNu -4™

Nano nitrogen fertilizer with 4% nitrogen uptake.


Nano nitrogen fertilizer with 16% nitrogen uptake.


Nano nitrogen fertilizer with 32% nitrogen uptake.

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